Three transformer stations with state-of-the-art technology for TotalEnergies Refinery Antwerp

DSG - Jeco Energies Group - developed and installed three pre-fab transformer stations in an area with an elevated risk of explosion. TotalEnergies was looking for a solution to power its operations and maintenance buildings at the refinery site in Antwerp and enlisted our expertise. The large stations – each equipped with four separate chambers for high voltage, low voltage, emergency power and battery power – are now up and running.

TotalEnergies’ had a very specific request: to install transformer stations in an ATEX 2 zone (explosive hazard occasionally present). To keep explosive gasses out of the station, we created an air unit and overpressure in the chambers. The station is equipped with a system that automatically shuts off the air supply when an LEL alarm or hydrogen gas is detected. A system of door sensors sends an automatic notification when a door is left ajar and a fire detection system checks for smoke and notifies the fire brigade when detected. The surrounding area is also notified by a siren and a visual warning.

Guaranteed continuity

To ensure continuity for TotalEnergies, we installed three stations, each containing fourchambers: a high-voltage chamber with 11 kV cells and a transformer; a low-voltage chamber with a TAPC low-voltage switchboard; a low-voltage chamber with ESWBD for emergency power; and a UPS system connected to a battery room for backup power. The battery room was equipped with an extraction fan to remove hydrogen gas released during the battery charging process.  All of the components in the battery roomwere designed to be ATEX-compliant and meet strict safety standards.

The custom solution was fully assembled and tested at the JECO Energies site before being carefully transported to TotalEnergies Refinery Antwerp and installed using a 400-tonne and a 750-tonne crane. The stations are 10 metres long, 4 metres wide, and 4 metres tall and weigh 92 tonnes each, not including the 10 additional tonnes of electrical equipment housed within. All but the roofs werecast in one piece. Despite their impressive size, we were able finish and test the installations in advance at the Gens Rental space that JECO Energies had at its disposal. This meant that, aside from the delivery itself, no activities were carried out at the TotalEnergies site.

It proved to be asafe and exhaustive installation in triplicate that met all of the client’s needs.

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