2022: A year in review

For many of us around the globe, 2022 was a challenging year. Yet we managed to show resilience even in the most difficult of times. Jeco Energies was founded just seven months ago – a short period in which a lot changed, both in the energy sector and beyond. During this time, our goal has remained the same: to become a pioneer in industrial energy.

This is what we were able to realise in 2022:

1.  Jeco Energies is born

On 1 June 2022, Jeco Energies is founded through the merger of DSGBelgium, DSG Netherlands and GENS Rental, with CEO Bob Zegers at its helm.

2. Acquisition of Dymotec

Jeco acquires Dymotec, a company specialising in industrial automation.Their expertise in electrical engineering and automation will prove a great asset for Jeco Energies.  

3. Jeco Energies NL / SA

Jeco Energies Netherlands and Jeco Energies South Africa are founded, thereby strengthening our foothold in the global market.

4. 630MVA transformer capacity

Belgium and the Netherlands receive a major power boost to their transmission network with 630 MVA of transformer capacity.

5. DP World

Jeco Energies carries out the complete electrical installation of the DPWorld container terminal, a leading enabler of trade in the Port of Antwerp.

6. Rental fleet

Our fleet of rental transformers reaches a whopping 550 MVA in total.

7. Loadbank fleet

Our new loadbank fleet reaches a milestone of 100 MVA of projects executed.

8. Kos GR

We provide the Greek island of Kos with a 65 MVA transformer.

9. The more the merrier

The Jeco Energies staff grows to 160 employees!

10. Dymotec project

Dymotec successfully completes its first major charging station project, installing over 80 charging stations.

11. VOKA award

Dymotec is rewarded for its groundbreaking innovation and wins the VOKA entrepreneurship award!

We are grateful to our many partners and clients for the excitingjourney so far. Naturally, we look forward to meeting the challenges of 2023 with the same ambition and resilience.

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